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Tonik health insurance company was created for young and healthy individuals. The company's plans are designed to protect people who don't think they need health insurance from spending thousands of dollars on medical bills. Tonik encourages young adults to invest in a health plan and avoid major expenses for an unexpected medical issue. The company is relatively new but is backed by BC Life & Health Insurance Company, which is an affiliate of Blue Cross & Blue Shield. The support of Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and their strong reputation for high quality health insurance products, provides assurance for individuals who are wary of being insured by a young company. Tonik health care is available to residents of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire and Nevada.

Researching and selecting health insurance plans is typically overwhelming. Tonik offers a simple set of three plans to choose from. The policies cover preventive health care, emergency care, prescriptions, eyes and teeth. Tonik plans do not cover maternity care. Those seeking a simple health insurance plan can select from the following three options:

With a Tonik health plan, you can take advantage of additional services and programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Tonik members get discounts of as much as 50 percent on fitness and weight loss programs, yoga, health club memberships, and much more. Healthycheck Centers provide basic and comprehensive health screenings at a discounted price. Tonik insurance also offers a mail service program for prescription drugs. For members who take generic drugs, the cost is only $10 for a 30-day supply. Prescriptions can be ordered through the mail or online. If you aren't sure which of the Tonik health insurance plans is right for you, you can contact one of their agents to answer your questions and help you make a decision.

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