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Humana is a health benefits company with about seven million medical members in fifteen U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Humana provides coverage through government sponsored, employer, and individual plans. Coordinated health insurance coverage and related services are administered through administrative services products, preferred provider organizations, consumer driven plans, health maintenance organizations, government sponsored plans, and plans for United States military dependents and retirees. The headquarters of Humana is located in Louisville, Kentucky and has been one of the nations top health insurance carriers for over forty-three years.

Humana offers health benefits and services to companies of all sizes, whether they provide coverage for tens of thousands of employees, or just a few. Small businesses can take advantage of the affordable health insurance offered by Humana. Humana is committed to helping people not only treat, but prevent the development of health problems. In pursuit of these goals, Humana has established innovative wellness and chronic disease intervention programs. Several programs, including End Stage Renal Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, and Diabetes initiatives, have received national recognition, according to Humana.

HumanaOne is the Humana category of individual health insurance. HumanaOne plans are intended to offer flexible and trusted health coverage for its members. Humana asserts that affordability and other qualities often found in group health plans can be available to individuals through HumanaOne coverage plans. Humana offers a Personal Nurse service that directs members toward information and tools that allow them to better understand their health care options, and take advantage of the benefits available.

SmartSuite, SmartSelect, and SmartExpress are offered by Humana and are designed to assist employers in handling substantial increases in medical expenses. In order for employees to select the plan to suit their specific needs, the Humana Smart products offer a variety of health plans with reasonable cost sharing options. SmartSuite is described by Humana as full replacement health coverage, directed toward consumers, that offers a number of smart options to employers and their employees. SmartSelect is a health benefits system that can be customized to address employee payment preferences. With SmartSelect, Humana members can decide whether they prefer low premiums with a higher point of service cost, or higher premiums with a lower cost at the point of service. SmartExpress is a system of health plans that was created for businesses employing between two and two-hundred-ninety-nine individuals. Humana designed SmartExpress for employers who want the ability to control and predict health care costs as much as possible.

Humana provides guidance to members in choosing the appropriate plan from its Smart products with the Health Plan Wizard. This tool is available to members online to assess various plans and select the one that best suits their needs. The Health Plan Wizard compares plans based on potential expenses, such as co-pays and monthly premiums. Members answer questions regarding their personal budget and health care priorities to receive a side-by-side comparison of Humana Smart plans. The Health Plan Wizard is just one example of the consumer-friendly online services provided by Humana. Compare Humana health insurance plan types to find quality, affordable coverage.

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