Health Insurance Plan Types

Compare Health Rates provides free quotes for different types of health insurance plans including Individual, Small Group and Short Term coverage.

Individual Health Insurance Individual health insurance plan options include HMOs, PPOs, point-of-service plans, and traditional fee-for-service arrangements. Cost and amount of coverage are two factors to consider when selecting the right plan. Premiums from different carriers for the same indivudal health insurance plan can vary as much as 50 percent. Comparing quotes from Compare Health Rates will help you quickly evaluate similar plans from different carriers at the same time.

Small Group Health Insurance Small group or small business health insurance plans provide coverage for groups of less than 50. Self-employed persons may find individual plans to be a better fit.

Short Term Health Insurance Short term health insurance is designed to provide coverage during gaps in standard health coverage. A short term plan is a good solution if an individual is between jobs, recently graduated, on strike, or waiting for a new health plan to take effect. Plans are typically available for periods of 1 to 12 months.

Family Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance