While many health insurance companies offer coverage when you are traveling throughout the United States, you may want to consider purchasing an additional policy for trips outside of the country. Many of us are careful to insure our plane tickets, cruises, hotel reservations and more when going on vacation but what about protecting ourselves from unexpected illness or injury when traveling to different countries?

The first thing you want to do is see what insurance coverage you already have. Check your home, car, health, life, personal property, dental and any other policies you may have to see what is currently covered. If your health insurance policy does not travel when you do, it may be worth it to purchase an additional policy. The most important expense to cover may be your trip home if you have a medical emergency and need to cut your trip short. You will also want to find out whether your insurance will cover emergency medical care overseas without a huge deductible or co-pay, and make sure that it covers a reasonable amount of care. There are many options for short term medical insurance if you are traveling for a period of time within fifteen days and one year.

When you are deciding on coverage, consider where you are traveling and what you will be doing. What are the chances of disease or injury? Have you gotten all of the recommended vaccinations? Consider your age and physical condition, as well. Even if you are in great physical health and are traveling somewhere safe, nothing can ruin a trip like illness or injury. The only thing that could make a bad trip worse is having to pay twice as much as you planned.

In addition to considering the advantages of travel health insurance, you should plan ahead to make any necessary treatment as simple as possible. Consider where you will be staying and how close you will be to a hospital or doctor. Find out if your hotel or resort has an on site physician or treatment center and consider the quality of these services.