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Golden Rule insurance was created in 1940 by Michael Andrew Rooney and his wife Mary Frances, and was originally operated out of the basement of the Rooneys home in Lawrenceville, Illinois. In 1949, their son Pat and his friend, Frank Ladner, joined the business, and by 1959 Golden Rule had thirty-two employees. By 1970, the company employed over one-hundred-fifty people and had offices in Lawrenceville and Indianapolis, Indiana. Golden Rule continued to expand and experienced a major increase in growth throughout the 1980s. Compare Golden Rule health insurance quotes with other top carriers in your state.

During the 1990s, Golden Rule introduced several new insurance options. In 1990, Shared Risk (now called Basic Plan) was created for unexpected, large health care expenses. In 1993, Golden Rule offered Medical Savings Accounts (now called Health Savings Accounts) to its employees. Golden Rule worked with Congress to pass the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), in 1996, in order to provide significant tax benefits for small businesses and self-employed individuals.

The Ward Financial Group is a management consulting firm that specializes in the insurance industry. Each year, Ward publishes a list of fifty companies from across the United States, as the best performing insurance companies. Golden Rule asserts that its consistent inclusion in Wards 50 Benchmark Group is a result of the companys dedication to effectively meeting the needs of its members. Well-trained customer service representatives at Golden Rule are prepared to provide efficient service regarding claims and requests.

Co-pay Plans, High Deductible and Basic Plans, Health Savings Accounts for self-employed individuals, Short Term Medical Plans, and Medicare Supplement Plans are all available through Golden Rule. Individuals and families looking for help coping with routine medical costs and coverage for major health expenses should opt for Co-pay Plans. High Deductible and Basic Plans were created for those who want to take more responsibility for routine health expenses, and save money on premiums. Health Savings Account Plans can help members gain control over health care costs with a tax-favored savings account and top quality health insurance coverage, according to Golden Rule. Short Term Medical Plans are best for what Golden rule refers to as in-between times and can provide health coverage plans for between one month and six months. Golden Rule offers a thirty day free look at Medicare Supplement Plans. If you are not satisfied with your Medicare Supplement Plan within thirty days, Golden Rule will fully refund your premium payment. Compare Golden Rule health insurance plans and coverage.

Golden Rule health insurance coverage caters to its members individual circumstances with customized plans. Such plans include a maternity benefit, prescription drug card benefit, supplemental accident benefit, physician and provider networks, and term life benefits. Golden Rule can help potential members find and select the appropriate plan, depending on individuals particular needs. Whether you are self-employed and seeking a personal health plan, or find your employers plan too expensive, Golden Rule can provide a plan that meets your needs. Find affordable and high quality Golden Rule health insurance.

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