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Celtic Health Insurance Products are designed to meet the needs of individuals and families by providing flexible and affordable coverage. Celtic offers plans including 'CeltiCare' Health Plan, Celtic Basic Health Plan, 'CelticSaver' HAS plan, Celtic Short-Term, and Celtic PostGrad Health Plan. Comprehensive Major Medical plans provide coverage for individuals from ages six months to sixty-four and a half years old. Subscribers have a choice between 70/30, 80/20, or 100% coinsurance, as well as the choice of deductibles ranging from two-hundred-fifty dollars to ten-thousand dollars. A Comprehensive Major Medical plan will also provide you with a free prescription discount card, optional twenty-five-thousand dollar term life insurance policy (in certain states), as well as Preferred rates for members who do not use tobacco. Compare Celtic health plan types to find coverage that is appropriate for you or your family.

CeltiCare Select PPO (Doctor and Hospital Network) provides quality health care at a lower premium by using participating providers within its network. When members of this plan visit a network provider, the co-pay is only ten dollars. CeltiCare 'Any Doc' PPO (Hospital Network) Plans allow members to select their own doctors, for a twenty-five dollar co-pay per office visit, and still save money with affordable rates at hospitals in the preferred network. CeltiCare Managed Indemnity (No Network) is a plan that provides subscribers with comprehensive major medical coverage while allowing you to choose your own doctors and hospitals.

For standard health insurance coverage, Celtic Basic plans provide affordable health care, maximum lifetime coverage of five million dollars, two thirty dollar co-pay office visits a year, an optional co-pay Prescription Drug Card or a free Rx Discount Card. Celtic Basic also offers a two-hundred dollar wellness benefit, which becomes available to members after twelve months of coverage. The CelticSaver HAS Health Plan provides subscribers with major medical coverage and a five-million-dollar maximum of health insurance protection. This coverage, coupled with the option of a Health Savings Account, can make your health care more affordable, according to Celtic.

Short-term major medical insurance is provided by Celtic to cover the majority of illnesses and injuries at an affordable rate. Subscribers are free to choose the duration of their coverage, from one month to six months. Celtic short-term plans offer quality benefits that include office visits, inpatient and outpatient coverage, surgical expenses, and laboratory fees. You will be able to select your own deductible of either two-hundred-fifty, five-hundred, or one-thousand dollars. The Celtic PostGrad Health Plan has many of the same features as the Short-Term Health Plan, and is designed to provide coverage for individuals between graduation and employment.

In addition to quality, affordable health insurance coverage, Celtic asserts that members receive valuable customer service related benefits by choosing their health plans. Such benefits include simple applications, fast underwriting, the ability to make payments by credit card, guaranteed rates, prompt claims processing without the need for claim forms, and excellent customer service representatives.

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