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Intermountain Health Care is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health care to individuals who need it, regardless of their financial situation. Intermountain Health Care serves the state of Utah as well as southeastern Idaho, offering excellent and affordable health care plans. Compare IHC with other carriers in your region to find an appropriate health insurance plan for you or your family.

Intermountain Health Care operates on a set of core values including mutual respect, accountability, trust, and excellence. IHC aims to provide quality service to its customers as well as the physicians with whom it is affiliated. Intermountain Health Care intends to be a model health care organization, and to serve as a national leader for the administration of non-profit health care.

Intermountain Health Care provides a variety of options for individuals seeking health care plans. Such plans include Health Maintenance Organization products, HealthSave, which is a high-deductible plan, offered by IHC, as well as Health Savings Accounts. HMO products require members to receive care from participating providers and hospitals, with the exception of emergency services and urgent care when out of town. HealthSave was created to be used in tandem with a Health Savings Account. Compare plans offered by Intermountain Health Care with other carriers in your area to find a health insurance plan that suits you and your budget.

As a non-profit organization, Intermountain Health Care is concerned with its members health, not its shareholders. IHC hospitals and clinics are there to serve the community, by offering charitable care to eligible patients, and financial support to community clinics that offer care to the homeless and low-income populations. Intermountain Health Care meets the medical needs of underprivileged individuals through IHC community and school clinics, IHC Foundation grants, Intermountain Community Care Foundation grants for community health care centers and homeless clinics, and the coordination of volunteer services of IHC employees. Intermountain Health Care also administers training and consultation for Healthy Community Initiatives, providing resources and referral information and training in the development of partnerships in the community, coordinating humanitarian donations of equipment and furniture to other non-profit organizations and agencies, and establishing relationships with other agencies within the community. In order to meet the health related needs of the under-served, Intermountain Health Care collaborates with other agencies and providers to identify models and measures of success in addressing the medical needs of such individuals.

Intermountain Health Care asserts its dedication to serving the diverse needs of its members in both urban and rural communities, regardless of age or socioeconomic status. Intermountain Health Care tries to balance the needs of its members and their communities with the resources available. Compare Intermountain Health Care plans with other Utah carriers to find the right health coverage for you or your family.

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