Michigan Health Insurance

DoctorIn the state of Michigan, an estimated eleven percent of the population is living without health insurance, according to the United States Census (2000). If you are one of the over one million individuals in Michigan without a health plan, please continue reading to find out about health insurance carriers serving the state of Michigan. These carriers include American Medical Security, Celtic, Golden Rule, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Blue Care Network of Michigan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Compare health plan types offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Blue Care of Michigan to find one that suits your lifestyle and your budget. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association consists of forty locally operated, independent member companies. For over seventy years, BCBSA has prided itself on providing affordable health insurance without compromising the quality of health care. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans provide coverage for over ninety-two million people in all fifty states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Compare Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan health insurance quotes with other top carriers. The BCBSA Plans had over one-thousand members in 1929, three million members in 1939, and over eighty-eight million members by 2003. The пїЅBlue PlansпїЅ continue to grow in enrolment by focusing on its members, and providing top quality, affordable health care coverage. Since its inception in 1966, Medicare has been supported by the BCBSA. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has helped the program grow to effectively care for elderly and disabled Americans. The Blue System is the largest processor of Medicare claims in the United States. Over fifty percent of all U.S. federal employees, retirees, and their families have been enrolled in BCBSA since the Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1959 was enacted by Congress. Blue Cross and Blue Shield has been closely affiliated with Labor since the 1930s and 1940s, and currently provide benefits to more union workers, retirees, and their families than any other national health insurance carrier. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has established contracts with a greater number of hospitals and physicians than any other insurance company. BCBS health insurance cards are accepted by over eighty percent of hospitals as well as almost ninety percent of physicians in the United States. Join the one in three Americans who have found affordable Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance coverage.

American Medical Security

American Medical Security is a wholly owned subsidiary of PacifiCare Health Systems, Inc., and provides health care to individuals living in the state of Michigan. As part of one of the largest consumer health organizations in the United States, AMS offers individuals, families, and small businesses flexible and affordable health insurance coverage. AMS, like PacifiCare, is committed to ensuring the health and security of its Michigan members. American Medical Security insurance covers medical, dental, term life insurance, and short-term disability insurance. These health plan types are administered through independent agents. These agents, as well as AMS customers, can seek assistance from the American Medical Security customer service representatives twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred-sixty-five days a year. American Medical Security researches the health insurance market to design products that satisfy the needs of its customers. AMS asserts its commitment to providing the choices that members are looking for in medical coverage. Some of the companyпїЅs plans include medical and dental insurance for individuals and families that are flexible and affordable, group medical plans that meet the needs of various employees, group dental insurance that can be purchased with a medical plan or by itself, and group term life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, as well as group short-term disability that can be incorporated with an employee benefit plan. Compare health plan types available in Michigan to find one appropriate for you.

Celtic Health Insurance

For standard health insurance coverage in Michigan, Celtic Basic plans provide affordable health care, maximum lifetime coverage of five million dollars, two thirty dollar co-pay office visits a year, an optional co-pay Prescription Drug Card or a free Rx Discount Card. Celtic Basic also offers a two-hundred dollar wellness benefit, which becomes available to members after twelve months of coverage. The CelticSaver HAS Health Plan provides subscribers with major medical coverage and a five-million-dollar maximum of health insurance protection. This coverage, coupled with the option of a Health Savings Account, can make your health care more affordable, according to Celtic. In addition to quality, affordable health insurance coverage, Celtic asserts that its Michigan members receive valuable customer service related benefits by choosing their health plans. Such benefits include simple applications, fast underwriting, the ability to make payments by credit card, guaranteed rates, prompt claims processing without the need for claim forms, and excellent customer service representatives. Compare Celtic plans available in the state of Michigan to find one that meets your health care needs and suits your budget.

Golden Rule of Michigan

Co-pay Plans, High Deductible and Basic Plans, Health Savings Accounts for self-employed individuals, Short Term Medical Plans, and Medicare Supplement Plans are all available through Golden Rule of Michigan. Individuals and families looking for help coping with routine medical costs and coverage for major health expenses should opt for Co-pay Plans. High Deductible and Basic Plans were created for those who want to take more responsibility for routine health expenses, and save money on premiums. Health Savings Account Plans can help members gain control over health care costs with a tax-favored savings account and top quality health insurance coverage, according to Golden Rule. Short Term Medical Plans are best for what Golden rule refers to as пїЅin-between timesпїЅ and can provide health coverage plans for between one month and six months. Golden Rule offers a thirty day пїЅfree lookпїЅ at Medicare Supplement Plans. If you are not satisfied with your Medicare Supplement Plan within thirty days, Golden Rule will fully refund your premium payment. Compare Golden Rule health insurance plans and coverage. Golden Rule health insurance coverage caters to its Michigan membersпїЅ individual circumstances with customized plans. Such plans include a maternity benefit, prescription drug card benefit, supplemental accident benefit, physician and provider networks, and term life benefits. Golden Rule can help potential Michigan members find and select the appropriate plan, depending on individualsпїЅ particular needs. Whether you are self-employed and seeking a personal health plan, or find your employerпїЅs plan too expensive, Golden Rule of Michigan can provide a plan that meets your needs. Find affordable and high quality Golden Rule health insurance.

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