Georgia Health Insurance

DoctorAre you one of the estimated 1.2 million Georgians living without health insurance coverage? According to the United States Census, over fifteen percent of individuals living in the state of Georgia are not insured (2000). Among Georgians under the age of eighteen, over fourteen percent do not have health insurance. If you do not have a health insurance plan, please continue reading to find out what health insurance carriers of Georgia have to offer. Compare health plan types to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

BCBSGA - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has been providing health insurance coverage to Georgians for over sixty-five years. BCBS of Georgia is the stateпїЅs largest health insurance carrier, covering over two-million individuals. The company credits its extensive network of providers, quality medical care, a focus on member services, and accessible complementary medical services, for its status. Preferred Provider Organization Plans for Individuals, offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, include Blue Value 10,000, 5,000, 3,500, 2,000, and 1,000. Blue Value Select 1,500, 1,000, 750, 500, and Right Plan PPO are also provided by BCBS of Georgia. There are a variety of health coverage options offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia under the various health plan types. These plan types include BlueChoice PPO High Deductible Health Plans, Short Term Medical Plans, and Traditional Health Plans.

Kaiser Permanente Georgia

Kaiser Permanente Georgia has over two-hundred-fifty thousand members in the Atlanta area, as well as thirteen medical facilities. These conveniently located facilities, and an extensive network of affiliated physicians, make it easy for members to easily access medical care. As a member, you will be assigned a physician that will be convenient for you to visit, but still have the option to change doctors at any time. If necessary, your primary physician can refer you to a specialist for treatment, but you may make an appointment without a referral for dermatology, Ob-Gyn, psychiatry, or mental health care. All Kaiser Permanente Georgia plans provide benefits for preventive care, maternity care, and prescription drug coverage. HMO Plan Benefits and Multi-Plan Benefits are also provided by Kaiser Permanente Georgia.

HumanaOne Georgia

HumanaOne is the Humana category of individual health insurance. HumanaOne plans are intended to offer flexible and trusted health coverage for its Georgia members. Humana asserts that affordability and other qualities often found in group health plans can be available to individuals through HumanaOne coverage plans. Humana offers a пїЅPersonal NurseпїЅ service that directs members toward information and tools that allow them to better understand their health care options, and take advantage of the benefits available. Humana provides guidance to members in choosing the appropriate plan from its пїЅSmartпїЅ products with the пїЅHealth Plan WizardпїЅ. This tool is available to members online to assess various plans and select the one that best suits their needs. The Health Plan Wizard compares plans based on potential expenses, such as co-pays and monthly premiums. Members answer questions regarding their personal budget and health care priorities to receive a side-by-side comparison of Humana Smart plans. The Health Plan Wizard is just one example of the consumer-friendly online services provided by Humana. Compare Humana health insurance plans available in Georgia to find quality, affordable coverage.