Florida Health Insurance

DoctorOver fifteen percent of Floridians do not have health insurance coverage, according to the United States Census Bureau (2000). The number of uninsured children in the state, under the age of eighteen, is also more than fifteen percent. These percentages exceed the national average of individuals who do not have health insurance coverage. If you are one of the approximately two and a half million Floridians that is not insured, please compare health insurance carriers available in your area to find an appropriate and affordable plan for you or your family.

Golden Rule

Compare Golden Rule health insurance quotes with other top carriers in Florida. Co-pay Plans, High Deductible and Basic Plans, Health Savings Accounts for self-employed individuals, Short Term Medical Plans, and Medicare Supplement Plans are all available in the state of Florida through Golden Rule. Individuals and families looking for help coping with routine medical costs and coverage for major health expenses should opt for Co-pay Plans. High Deductible and Basic Plans were created for those who want to take more responsibility for routine health expenses, and save money on premiums. Health Savings Account Plans can help members gain control over health care costs with a tax-favored savings account and top quality health insurance coverage, according to Golden Rule. Short Term Medical Plans are best for what Golden Rule refers to as "In-between times" and can provide health coverage plans for between one month and six months. Golden Rule offers a thirty day "free look" at Medicare Supplement Plans. If you are not satisfied with your Medicare Supplement Plan within thirty days, Golden Rule will fully refund your premium payment. Compare Golden Rule health insurance plans and coverage with other Florida carriers to find one that suits you and your lifestyle.

Celtic Health Insurance

Celtic Health Insurance Products are designed to meet the needs of individuals and families by providing flexible and affordable coverage. Celtic of Florida offers plans including "CeltiCare" Health Plan, Celtic Basic Health Plan, "CelticSaver" HAS plan, Celtic Short-Term, and Celtic PostGrad Health Plan. Comprehensive Major Medical plans provide coverage for Floridians from ages six months to sixty-four and a half years old. Subscribers have a choice between 70/30, 80/20, or 100% coinsurance, as well as the choice of deductibles ranging from two-hundred-fifty dollars to ten-thousand dollars. A Comprehensive Major Medical plan will also provide you with a free prescription discount card, optional twenty-five-thousand dollar term life insurance policy (in certain states), as well as Preferred rates for members who do not use tobacco. Compare Celtic health plan types with other Florida health insurance carriers to find coverage that is appropriate for you or your family.


As of 2003, VISTA company revenues reached $1 billion with over 330,000 members in South Florida. VISTA's South Florida provider network consists of over 5,000 physicians and fifty hospitals, making it one of the largest health insurance providers in the region. VISTA also has more than 70,000 health plan members in North Florida, with a provider network of over fifteen-hundred physicians and twenty hospitals. VISTA is one of the largest HMOs in the state of Florida. In 2003, VISTA secured and renewed contracts with some of the state's largest employers, including the Broward County School Board, the State of Florida, and the federal government. Compare VISTA Healthplans with other health insurance carriers in your region. VISTA companies provide individual and group health plans and products including Health Maintenance Organization, Point Of Service, Preferred Provider Organization, Medicare, Medicaid, HealthyKids, and a new individual benefit plan called AccessOne. VISTA has its headquarters in Hollywood, Florida and offices in Sunrise and Tallahassee. VISTA offers its members the convenience and efficiency of a dedicated customer service department, which is available ten hours a day, five days a week. For members living in South Florida, representatives are available at VISTA's Broward County offices. As a responsible member of its community, VISTA and its employees have donated over $300,000, in addition to hundreds of hours of volunteer work, to local charitable organizations over the past two years. Compare individual health insurance plans offered by VISTA to find one that is right for you or your family.

Assurant Health

Assurant Health has been in business since 1892, and provides health care coverage for over one million people across the country. Assurant Health is one of the top health insurance carriers in the United States, and provides coverage to individuals, families, and small employer groups in the state of Florida. Assurant describes itself as an organization with experience, expertise, and commitment. Solid health insurance protection, customized coverage, extensive provider networks, and prompt, fair claim payments are some of the services that Assurant Health promises its members. Assurant Health provides a variety of health plan types to members who do not have employee or group coverage. Individuals and families who may be interested in such plans include the self-employed, employed individuals who are not offered a group plan by their employer, dependants of those covered by group plans, and early retirees. Assurant Health offers a number of attractive benefits to Florida members including worldwide, 24-hour a day coverage, an eight million dollar lifetime benefit maximum, wellness benefits, extensive networks of physicians and hospitals to choose from, no required referrals to visit a specialist, no annual limit for prescription drugs, no special limits on Intensive Care Unit coverage, no special limits on air or ground ambulance coverage, a single deductible for accidents that involve more than one member of a family, and a one year rate guarantee. Compare Assurant health plan types with other Florida insurance carriers to find the right one for you or your family.