Connecticut Health Insurance

Over ten percent of people living in the state of Connecticut do not have health insurance coverage, according to the United State Census (2000). If you are one of the estimated 347,000 individuals in Connecticut without a health plan, please continue reading to find out about the health insurance carriers operating in your region. Connecticut health insurance providers include Celtic, Golden Rule, Anthem, and Aetna.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut operates by focusing on the goal of helping people stay healthy, in addition to offering health care coverage. To achieve this goal, Anthem provides programs and information that can help its members cope with serious health conditions, and offers reminders to its members to have preventive screenings. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is dedicated to supporting charitable, civic and non-profit organizations, especially those which further the Anthem mission of improving individualsпїЅ health. There are three categories of charitable giving in which Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield participates. пїЅHealthy MindsпїЅ is committed to educational charity, пїЅHealthy BodiesпїЅ is for health related groups, while пїЅHealthy CommunitiesпїЅ contributes to community projects and human services initiatives. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield accepts written requests for charitable contributions, giving special attention to those organizations which benefit individuals in communities where Anthem members work and live. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers a variety of online pharmacy services to its members. Members have the ability to order prescription refills and check the status of such orders, view their prescription history, search the Anthem drug formulary, find a convenient pharmacy, and read confidential messages regarding personal health care. Members can have prescription refills delivered to their homes through the пїЅAnthem Rx Direct Mail Service PharmacyпїЅ. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield makes an effort to cater to its Connecticut members, making health care information, in addition to health care itself, as accessible as possible. Through the Anthem web site, members are able to learn about the latest health news, important preventive screenings, and the difference between brand name and generic drugs. Anthem members can create their own web pages with a personal profile, customized news on relevant health topics and direct links to favorite topic pages and self-care centers. Thousands of health related articles as well as an extensive medical library are available to Anthem BCBS of Connecticut members. Over four-thousand brand name and generic drugs are identified and explained within the Anthem drug database.

Celtic Health Insurance

Celtic Health Insurance Products, available in Connecticut, are designed to meet the needs of individuals and families by providing flexible and affordable coverage. Celtic offers plans including пїЅCeltiCareпїЅ Health Plan, Celtic Basic Health Plan, пїЅCelticSaverпїЅ HAS plan, Celtic Short-Term, and Celtic PostGrad Health Plan. Comprehensive Major Medical plans provide coverage for individuals from ages six months to sixty-four and a half years old. Subscribers have a choice between 70/30, 80/20, or 100% coinsurance, as well as the choice of deductibles ranging from two-hundred-fifty dollars to ten-thousand dollars. A Comprehensive Major Medical plan will also provide you with a free prescription discount card, optional twenty-five-thousand dollar term life insurance policy (in certain states), as well as Preferred rates for Connecticut members who do not use tobacco. Compare Celtic health plan types to find coverage that is appropriate for you or your family. CeltiCare Select PPO (Doctor and Hospital Network) provides quality health care at a lower premium by using participating providers within its network. When members of this plan visit a network provider, the co-pay is only ten dollars. CeltiCare пїЅAny DocпїЅ PPO (Hospital Network) Plans allow Connecticut members to select their own doctors, for a twenty-five dollar co-pay per office visit, and still save money with affordable rates at hospitals in the preferred network. CeltiCare Managed Indemnity (No Network) is a plan that provides subscribers with comprehensive major medical coverage while allowing you to choose your own doctors and hospitals.

Golden Rule

Co-pay Plans, High Deductible and Basic Plans, Health Savings Accounts for self-employed individuals, Short Term Medical Plans, and Medicare Supplement Plans are all available through Golden Rule of Connecticut. Individuals and families looking for help coping with routine medical costs and coverage for major health expenses should opt for Co-pay Plans. High Deductible and Basic Plans were created for those who want to take more responsibility for routine health expenses, and save money on premiums. Health Savings Account Plans can help Connecticut members gain control over health care costs with a tax-favored savings account and top quality health insurance coverage, according to Golden Rule. Short Term Medical Plans are best for what Golden rule refers to as пїЅin-between timesпїЅ and can provide health coverage plans for between one month and six months. Golden Rule offers a thirty day пїЅfree lookпїЅ at Medicare Supplement Plans. If you are not satisfied with your Medicare Supplement Plan within thirty days, Golden Rule will fully refund your premium payment. Compare Golden Rule health insurance plans and coverage with those of other Connecticut carriers.

Golden Rule health insurance coverage caters to its membersпїЅ individual circumstances with customized plans. Such plans include a maternity benefit, prescription drug card benefit, supplemental accident benefit, physician and provider networks, and term life benefits. Golden Rule can help potential members find and select the appropriate plan, depending on individualsпїЅ particular needs. Whether you are self-employed and seeking a personal health plan, or find your employerпїЅs plan too expensive, Golden Rule can provide a plan that meets your needs. Find affordable and high quality Golden Rule health insurance.


Aetna Insurance Company was established in 1850 in Hartford, Connecticut. The company has expanded and changed with the times to become one of the leading health insurance carriers in the nation today. Aetna asserts its dedication to helping individuals live healthy lives without compromising financial stability. The company achieves this by providing safe, affordable, quality health care and preventing Aetna members from encountering overwhelming health related expenses. Aetna intends to become a leader by working with doctors, hospitals, employers, patients, and public officials toward a better health care system. Compare Aetna health plan types with other health insurance carriers in the state of Connecticut. Aetna is one of the top insurance carriers in the United States for health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, disability, long-term care, and employee benefits. Aetna has over fourteen million medical plan members, over twelve million dental plan members, over nine million pharmacy plan members, and over thirteen million group insurance members. Aetna subscribers have access to more than 684,000 health care professionals, over 405,000 primary care physicians and specialists, and over four-thousand hospitals. The company also has a network of specialist physicians, called пїЅAexcelпїЅ, which is based on clinical performance and cost efficiency, according to Aetna.

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