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UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company is an affiliate of WellPoint Health Networks, Inc. WellPoint is one of the largest publicly traded managed care companies in the United States. It provides health care coverage to over thirteen million members and over forty-two million specialty members. UniCare is a national organization that provides quality health care plans and products to its members. UniCare satisfies this objective by working with its members, consultants, brokers, providers, and employers. UniCare operates based on the idea that its members need plans that will meet their individual needs, and offers a portfolio of customizable health, pharmacy, dental, life, and disability benefit products. UniCare asserts that its focus is on allowing its members to regain control over their health care and health care expenses.

UniCare offers a wide variety of products. Large group products provided by UniCare include Preferred Provider Organization Plans, PPO with Health Reimbursement Account: Complete Choice, HealthFund, Health Savings Account Plans, HMO Plans (in certain states), HMO Performance Plans (also in certain states), Prescription Drug Plans, YourChoiceRx, Dental Programs, Life Insurance Programs, Managed Disability Programs, FSA and COBRA Administration Plans, Vision Programs, and Employee Assistance Programs. UniCare offers small group and individual products including High Deductible/HSA Compatible Plans, Short-Term Plans (individual only), Preferred Provider Organization Plans, Dental Programs, Life Insurance Programs, and The Premium Only Plan (small group only).

As a member of UniCare, you will have access to the company's 'Healthy Living' resources which include preventive healthcare, disease management, health discounts, and a health library. UniCare also offers several health and wellness discount programs to its members. 'HealthyExtensions' was created to offer alternative health and wellness products and services at a discount. Seniors can take advantage of the Prescription Drug Discounts Program to save an average of 32% on prescription drugs, according to UniCare. The Passport Savings Program, also designed for seniors, offers discounts on products and services such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, gym memberships, and rental cars.

Another customer service feature provided by UniCare is a system called 'MedCall'. Members can call this hotline to speak with a nurse about health inquiries, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you have concerns regarding symptoms, procedures, medications and their side effects, your diagnosis, or referrals, a nurse counselor will be available to answer your questions. As a member of UniCare, you can also access recorded health information through the MedCall database. This database includes 125 complex medical problems, 135 symptoms, 500 health topics, 600 medical tests and procedures, 5,000 self-help and support groups, 120 Cancer topics, and 5,000 drug treatments, according to UniCare. UniCare members have access to an extensive library of health care topics and articles that address a wide variety of medical and healthy living issues. Compare UniCare health plan types with other carriers in your region to find appropriate health insurance coverage for you or your family.

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