Physicians Mutual Physicians Mutual

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1902 to provide insurance for medical professionals. The company grew to ultimately offer insurance coverage for all Americans. The company asserts its ability to provide customers with high quality products and superior customer service. Physicians Mutual offers Medicare Supplement insurance, dental insurance, hospitalization insurance, surgical insurance, major medical insurance, cancer insurance, critical illness insurance, outpatient surgery insurance, catastrophic health insurance, temporary major medical insurance and more. Long term care insurance is also available to pay for nursing home and assistant living facility expenses as well as home care, respite and hospice care.

Physicians Mutual states its strengths to be customer choice, over 105 years of caring for its members, efficient and accurate claims services, strategic marketing partnerships, and a team of caring and professional agents. The company understands the importance of convenience to its customers. This is why Physicians Mutual offers a wide variety of health insurance products to consumers of all ages. In addition to providing various products, the company also offers options for obtaining information and dealing with agents. While some members prefer to get health insurance information online, others may want to speak to an agent in person, call the toll free number, or get information by mail. With more than 30 division offices located throughout the country, and over 900 professionally trained agents, Physicians Mutual can always meet the needs of its members.

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