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PacifiCare Health Systems has over three million health plan members and about ten million specialty plan members throughout the United States. PacifiCare has annual revenues exceeding twelve billion dollars. As one of the largest consumer health organizations in the country, PacifiCare provides a number of health care and insurance products to individuals, employers, and Medicare beneficiaries. PacifiCare states that its mission is to establish long-term shareholder value by being a leader in health care that is committed to making its members lives healthy and secure. PacifiCare Health Systems provides pharmacy coverage and medical management through Prescription Solutions, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of PacifiCare. PacifiCare Health Systems also offers specialty programs for behavioral health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

PacifiCare Health Systems offers a variety of quality health plan types at affordable rates. PacifiCare Signature Value is a Health Maintenance Organization plan that concentrates on the quality of care, prevention of illness, and general wellness of its subscribers. This plan is designed to establish a relationship between the PacifiCare member and his or her primary care physician to provide effective health care. PacifiCare claims that HMO plans ensure a minimum of paperwork, as well as lower and more predictable out-of-pocket expenses. This is possible because members pay a small, fixed co-payment upon receipt of health care services. PacifiCare offers more options and a higher level of flexibility through its Point of Service plans by combining the affordability of an HMO plan with the flexible nature of a standard indemnity plan. Subscribers of the SignaturePOS plans, provided by PacifiCare, can select the in-network option to save on expenses or the out-of-network option if you would like to see a physician who is not a part of the PacifiCare network.

If you are looking for a health care plan with a vast selection of physicians, PacifiCare SignatureOptions may be the right choice for you. This Preferred Provider Organization plan gives subscribers access to a greater selection of physicians and specialists. PPO members are free to see non-contracted providers at additional expense. For those seeking a traditional indemnity plan, PacifiCare offers a plan called SignatureIndependence. This plan allows subscribers to see any physician or specialist without obtaining a referral from a primary care physician. Members of SignatureIndependence plans must pay an annual deductible as well as the plans coinsurance expenses for services covered, and have the ability to see any health care provider who is licensed to provide covered benefits. PacifiCare SignatureFreedom is a Self Directed Health Plan. This plan is based on a Preferred Provider Organization that allows members to access a vast network of physicians and hospitals. The Self Directed Account can be used by subscribers toward preventive services such as office visits, mammograms, breast and pelvic examinations, etc. Members of SignatureFreedom can select any licensed provider to see for covered benefits. If you choose to see a physician that is in the participating network, your co-payments or coinsurance rates will be lower. Subscribers are able to save money for future medical care expenses because any money from the SDA that is not used is carried over to the following year. PacifiCare also offers Medicare Advantage, life, and disability plans. Compare PacifiCare health plan types with other health insurance carriers available in your area to find an appropriate plan.

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