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LifeWise is a system of health insurance carriers operating in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Arizona. LifeWise offers its members a variety of benefit levels and deductibles to choose from, depending on which plan is appropriate for you or your family. As a member of LifeWise, you will have the freedom to make an appointment with a specialist without obtaining a referral from your primary physician. With a vast selection of health plans, you can choose the right one for your budget and your health care needs. LifeWise also offers integrated coverage for life insurance, disability, and dental coverage plans.

LifeWise asserts that its mission is to provide its members with peace of mind regarding their health care coverage. Individual Preferred Provider Organization Plans, offered by LifeWise, include the Plus, Preferred, Prime, Value and HAS PPO Plans. These offer higher levels of benefits for services administered by the LifeWise list of Preferred Providers. LifeWise Traditional Indemnity Plans allow subscribers to get medical care from any eligible licensed provider. Plans offer specific, unique benefits depending on the needs of the individual.

LifeWise is a private, for-profit company. In 2003, LifeWise reported its annual revenue at $348 million. LifeWise and LifeWise affiliates have approximately three-thousand employees, and provide health insurance coverage to about 1.5 million people in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Arizona. Products offered by LifeWise include Preferred Provider Plans for groups and individuals, qualifying health plans for Health Savings Accounts, Traditional Indemnity Plans, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, vision, prescription, and dental benefits.

LifeWise offers an overview of health plan types to outline the advantages of each, for potential subscribers. Some of the assets of enrolling in a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), cited by LifeWise, include statewide provider networks, easy claim filing, no balance billing, flexible benefits, quality customer care, nationwide care when traveling, and no required referrals. The advantages of Traditional Indemnity Plans, according to LifeWise, include the freedom to choose one's own provider, easy claim filing, cost effectiveness, flexible benefits, as well as excellent customer service and no required referrals. Health Savings Account (HSA) Qualified Plans are attractive because of the potential tax savings, lower insurance premiums, greater choice in treatment options, retirement savings potential, and personal control over health care coverage. LifeWise also offers Supplemental Benefit Options. One Supplemental Benefit is the Prescription Drug Buy-Up Option, which may be provided at an additional cost, allowing subscribers to get prescription drug coverage without a deductible or a yearly maximum. Another Supplemental Benefit Option is the Alcohol Dependency Treatment Plan, which can be provided at an additional cost, with a forty-five hundred dollar limit within twenty-four consecutive months. Compare health plan types offered by LifeWise to find one appropriate for you or your family.

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