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HealthPartners is a not-for-profit health care organization, providing health insurance coverage to over six-hundred-thousand members. HealthPartners Clinics provide health care to over three-hundred-thousand patients. The HealthPartners staff consists of over nine-thousand physicians and employees, in fifty different locations. This organization has dedicated itself to providing disease prevention and management, innovative inpatient and outpatient services, hospice care, pharmacy coverage, health improvement, research, and medical education to its members. Compare HealthPartners with other health insurance carriers in your region to find a plan appropriate for you.

HealthPartners operates through Regions Hospital, which is a teaching hospital with a Level One Trauma Center. Regions Hospital has a medical staff of almost one-thousand physicians and offers special health programs on issues including heart care, women's care, cancer, orthopedics, neurology, burn care, and emergency care. HealthPartners Institute for Medical Education also operates out of Regions Hospital. The Institute has sixteen residency programs and over two-hundred-forty continuing medical education programs for medical staff, physicians, and nurses. As one of the largest research foundation in the United States, the HealthPartners Research Foundation has about two-hundred-fifty projects in progress with the objective of applying such research to medical practice.

HealthPartners contends that its mission is to improve the health of its members, patients, and the community. HealthPartners plans to become the best and most trusted health care provider in the United States by transforming health care through the delivery of outstanding care and service. By providing service that is timely, effective, efficient, equitable, safe, and focused on members and patients, HealthPartners hopes to reach this objective. HealthPartners operates based on a simple list of key values including passion, integrity, teamwork, and respect. HealthPartners is also concerned with culturally competent care, or cross cultural care and service. This principle helps the organization honor and respect the beliefs, languages, and customs of those receiving services, and those administering services, with HealthPartners. HealthPartners cites several practices that it has incorporated to address the issues of equitable care. Such practices include data collection on patients regarding race, native country, and language, which is used to evaluate the quality of care and ultimately ensure equitable care. HealthPartners has also upgraded interpretive services to include all of the key languages of its patients. These languages include Cambodian, Lao, Thai, Oromo, Amharic, Spanish, French, Somali, Hmong, Vietnamese, Russian, and American Sign Language. HealthPartners also offers interpretive services for over one-hundred-fifty additional languages through a 'Language Line' telephone service.

With HealthPartners, you have the ability to put together a health insurance plan that is appropriate for you. HealthPartners plans provide the flexibility, choice, convenience, tools, and information that you look for in a health insurance carrier. In addition to a health insurance plan, members can gain access to special programs and services through HealthPartners Clinics. HealthPartners offers programs that address health issues including behavioral health, breast health, breastfeeding, cosmetic and plastic surgery, diabetes, eye care, Hospice of the Lakes, integrated home care, 'PartneringCare Senior Services', and travel medicine.

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