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eHealthInsurance offers insurance plans for individuals and families including standard health insurance, short-term health insurance, student health insurance, health savings accounts, dental insurance, and term life insurance. eHealthInsurance also offers health insurance, as well as dental and vision insurance, to small businesses. This privately held company was founded in 1997, and was publicly announced in October of 1998. eHealthInsurance is the top destination for purchasing health insurance online, selling insurance to more than eighty percent of the United States' population.

eHealthInsurance employs about two-hundred-fifty people. Almost half of its employees are in customer care positions. eHealthInsurance offers customers convenient and efficient service through its web site, and full-service customer service center. eHealthInsurance provides information about a number of health insurance companies and the insurance plans offered by each in an objective manner, allowing the potential customer to select a plan that suits them. Over five-hundred-fifty-thousand people have been insured through eHealthInsurance. It is the biggest source of health insurance for individuals and families in the United States, for over one-hundred-forty health insurance carriers in the country. eHealthInsurance prides itself on a broad selection, the best prices, fast processing, and excellent customer service.

eHealthInsurance offers customers a wealth of information on potential health care coverage for individuals and families, and explains the differences between 'managed-care' and 'indemnity' plans. The eHealthInsurance web site provides thorough answers to a number of questions to help guide customers toward an appropriate health insurance plan. Some questions to help narrow the field of options include whether you need long or short-term coverage, basic or comprehensive, whether you prefer to pay a lower premium or have lower co-payments, and the importance of access to specialists. eHealthInsurance also asks customers to consider the maximum amount they would be able to pay out in the event of a serious illness or injury.

eHealthInsurance offers several reasons why to purchase a small business health plan with them. These reasons include personalized service from licensed health insurance agents, the best prices available, a vast selection of plans from the nation's leading health insurance carriers, as well as secure online applications and enrollment tools. All of these services are offered at no additional expense. eHealthInsurance asserts that a group health insurance plan can help employers acquire and retain valuable workers. After purchasing a group health plan from eHealthInsurance, they will continue to assist your business with all of its health insurance needs, and act as your advocate with the chosen insurance company. Additionally, eHealthInsurance will find competitive quotes for your business at the time of renewal. eHealthInsurance also explains various tax incentives offered to you and your employees when enrolled in a group health plan.

Whether you are seeking health insurance coverage for yourself, your family, or your business, eHealthInsurance can help you find the appropriate plan. With twenty-four hour self-service available online, and its efficient and effective customer service representatives, eHealthInsurance can help you select coverage that best suits your specific health insurance needs.

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