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In the late 1990s, CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield was established. Today, CareFirst is the largest health care insurance provider in the Mid-Atlantic region with over three million members. Compare CareFirst plans with other carriers operating in your area to find an appropriate plan for you or your family.

CareFirst is a non-profit, non-stock, parent company of CareFirst of Maryland, as well as Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, both of which are affiliates that operate as CareFirst BlueCross and BlueShield. CareFirst has received seven national Brand Excellence awards for its customer service, membership growth, financial strength, and promotion of the 'Blue' name. CareFirst also received a rating of 'excellent' from the National Committee for Quality Assurance for its BlueChoice Health Maintenance Organization plan, and full accreditation for its BluePreferred Preferred Provider Organization plan.

CareFirst has over eighty percent of all health care providers participating in at least one of its provider networks in the region including Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, and Northern Virginia. The CareFirst provider network includes one-hundred-sixty-five hospitals in Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Delaware. CareFirst also has the largest Federal Employee Health Program enrollment in the United States, with over five-hundred-thousand FEP members.

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield asserts that its mission is to provide valuable health benefit services to its members. In order to achieve this, the organization has committed itself to offering its members a variety of quality, innovative health insurance plans, and services that are affordable and accessible. CareFirst is also dedicated to addressing the specific needs of its members in each of the regions it serves, and to promote respect, fairness, and opportunity for its associates. Conducting business in a responsible manner is also part of the CareFirst mission, in order to ensure the organization's financial status and growth. Additional htmlects of the CareFirst mission include collaboration with communities to increase the effectiveness and quality of health care and to support public and private initiatives to meet the needs of individuals who do not have health insurance coverage.

As a member of CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, you will have access to 'My Care First', an online health resource. Members can research diseases, conditions, surgeries, procedures, and an extensive library of health articles. With 'My Care First', you can read about health care news, preventive screenings and procedures, and what to ask your doctor during your next visit. Definitions of prescription drugs, diet and exercise advice, and even healthy recipes are provided on the members' site. CareFirst offers disease management for diabetics, stress management, and advice for smoking cessation. Weight management programs and advice for expectant mothers are also available. Compare CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield with other health insurance carriers in your region to find one that suits you and your family.

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