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Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California serves over three million members and earns approximately six billion dollars in annual revenue, making it the third largest health coverage plan in the state. Blue Shield of California is headquartered in San Francisco and has been providing health care coverage for Californians since 1939. This nonprofit organization employs about forty-two-hundred people and has over twenty offices located throughout the state. Upon enrolment with Blue Shield of California, you will have access to preventive care benefits, optional HMO or PPO dental coverage, a huge selection of physicians and hospitals (over 52,000 physicians and over 350 hospitals), and protection against major health care expenses. Children under the age of nineteen can receive special rates through the "YouthCare" program provided by Blue Shield of California. Even if you do not have a Blue Shield health insurance plan, your children are still eligible for coverage.

Blue Cross of California

Blue Cross of California and its affiliates provide health coverage and services to over 6.8 million members and has been serving Californians since 1937. As a member of Blue Cross of California, you will have access to a wide variety of doctors, specialists and hospitals through one of California's largest physician and hospital networks. With a number of health plans to choose from, you can select the one that is appropriate for you and your family. Blue Cross of California does not believe it penalizing its loyal members, which is why it offers the same affordable rates for returning members that are offered to new members. Discounts are negotiated between Blue Cross of California and its network physicians and hospitals to give you the health care that you need, while saving you money. "Tonik" is a special plan, designed by Blue Cross of California, targeting young, healthy, and physically fit Californians. This health insurance coverage provides preventive care, emergency care, prescription drugs, vision and dental care. There are three Tonik Health Plans; Plan 1 is for the 'Thrill Seeker', Plan 2 is for the 'Part-Time Daredevil', and Plan 3 is for the 'Calculated Risk Taker'. Tonik Health Plans vary in the level of monthly premiums, the number of covered doctor visits, and the level of your deductible.

Health Net of California

As a member of Health Net, you will benefit from the experience that comes with the company's history of providing health coverage since 1979. Health Net of California offers its members access to tens of thousands of contracted network physicians. Serving more than two and a half million people throughout the state, Health Net is one of the largest and most respected health insurance companies in California. With one of the largest systems of medical professionals in the state, Health Net of California offers a network of almost fifty-thousand physicians, five-hundred-fifty physician groups and affiliates, four-hundred-twenty hospitals, and forty-seven hundred pharmacies. No matter that your specific health care needs, no matter what your budget, Health Net of California offers a plan that will suit you and your family.

PacifiCare of California

PacifiCare of California was established in 1978 and has built alliances with prominent medical groups throughout the state. Through such relationships PacifiCare of California has supplied health care providers with educational tools, training, and other resources in addition to simply contracts. PacifiCare has one of the largest provider networks in the state of California. This network consists of over two-hundred-thirty hospitals, thirty-thousand primary care physicians and specialists, and over forty-five-hundred pharmacies. As a member of PacifiCare of California, you and your family are able to change your primary care physicians as often as once a month and each member is free to have their own primary care physician to suit his or her particular health care needs. PacifiCare is also committed to designing strategies to address technical and information system integration. PacifiCare of California received has accreditation from NCQA many times throughout the past ten years.

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