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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas serves over four million members in every one of the 254 counties in the state. BCBSTX has the largest health care provider network in the state of Texas with over thirty-six-thousand physicians and four-hundred hospitals. The BCBSTX headquarters is located in Richardson, and regional headquarters are located in Houston, Austin, and Lubbock, Texas. Customer service facilities are located in Abilene, Houston, Marshall, Richardson, San Angelo, Waco, and Wichita Falls. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas has over five-thousand-seven-hundred employees in nineteen cities throughout the state. BCBSTX cares for its Texas communities including the statewide 'Care Van Program '. This program has given over two-hundred-fifty-thousand immunizations to underserved children and seniors in Texas, free of charge, since 1997. In 2004, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas supported over one-hundred-fifty community charitable organizations with time, effort, and financial support.

BCBSA administers coverage through indemnity insurance, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Point-of-Service (POS) plans, as well as Fee-for-Service plans. Whether you are looking for large employer coverage, small business coverage, or individual health coverage, for families without access to group health insurance, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has a plan to meet your specific needs. Compare health insurance plans and coverage from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, the oldest and largest organization of health benefits companies.

BCBSTX offers group health insurance plans including HMO Blue Texas, BlueChoice, BlueEdge PPO, BlueChoice Plus, and BestChoice, as well as a Small Group Plan for businesses with less than fifty employees. Texans looking for individual coverage can select from plans including the Select Blue Advantage Series III, PPO Select Choice Series III, PPO Select Saver Series III, BlueEdge Individual HAS, PPO Select Value Care, PPO Select Basic, SelecTemp, and more.

In order to provide members with affordable, quality health care, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas collaborates with employers, physicians, hospitals, and government agencies. BCBSTX has an Office of Physician Advocacy that is designed to address the concerns of physicians within the network and facilitating effective communication among physicians. The organization has three Medical Advisory Committees made up of Texas physicians to ensure high standards of quality in health care. Compare Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas health insurance plans to find one that suits you or your family.

According to the United States Census (2000), an estimated nineteen percent of Texans are living without health insurance. This is a significantly higher number than the national average, which is approximately fourteen percent. Among Texans under the age of eighteen, almost twenty percent are uninsured. If you are one of the nearly four million individuals without health insurance coverage, living in Texas, please compare the plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

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