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Compare Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance quotes with other top carriers in your state. Anthem asserts that their mission is to improve the health of those that they serve, and is committed to operating as a responsive and responsible corporate citizen. Anthem BCBS works with other providers, as well as hospitals and physicians to provide efficient and effective health care while ensuring healthy relationships between their members and health care providers.

Anthem is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and provides health coverage to over ten million people. Anthem, Inc. is the licensee for Blue Cross and Blue Shield for Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada, Maine, and Virginia. It is the fifth largest publicly traded health benefits company in the country, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol ATH.

Anthem BCBS operates by focusing on the goal of helping people stay healthy, in addition to offering health care coverage. To achieve this goal, Anthem provides programs and information that can help its members cope with serious health conditions, and offers reminders to its members to have preventive screenings.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is dedicated to supporting charitable, civic and non-profit organizations, especially those which further the Anthem mission of improving individuals' health. There are three categories of charitable giving in which Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield participates. "Healthy Minds" is committed to educational charity, "Healthy Bodies" is for health related groups, while "Healthy Communities" contributes to community projects and human services initiatives. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield accepts written requests for charitable contributions, giving special attention to those organizations which benefit individuals in communities where Anthem members work and live.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers a variety of online pharmacy services to its members. Members have the ability to order prescription refills and check the status of such orders, view their prescription history, search the Anthem drug formulary, find a convenient pharmacy, and read confidential messages regarding personal health care. Members can have prescription refills delivered to their homes through the "Anthem Rx Direct Mail Service Pharmacy".

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield makes an effort to cater to its members, making health care information, in addition to health care itself, as accessible as possible. Through the Anthem web site, members are able to learn about the latest health news, important preventive screenings, and the difference between brand name and generic drugs. Anthem members can create their own web pages with a personal profile, customized news on relevant health topics and direct links to favorite topic pages and self-care centers. Thousands of health related articles as well as an extensive medical library are available to members. Over four-thousand brand name and generic drugs are identified and explained within the Anthem drug database.

Anthem BCBS goes beyond simply providing health care coverage. Keeping people healthy is the mission of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Compare Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance plans and coverage to find an affordable health care plan for you and your family.

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