Alameda Alliance Health Insurance Alameda Alliance Health Insurance

The Alliance is a non-profit managed health care plan serving Alameda County, California. The Alameda Alliance was founded in 1996 to provide high quality health care services to low-income individuals at an affordable price. Today, the Alliance provides health insurance coverage to 90 thousand adults and children. The network consists of 15 hospitals, 29 community health centers, 1,700 physicians, and over 140 pharmacies throughout Alameda County. Alliance employees are as diverse, culturally and linguistically, as its members. Its providers and employees live in the communities they serve. Alliance health insurance plans include Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Alliance Group Care and Healthy Kids programs.

Medi-Cal plans include checkups, preventive care, immunizations, OB/GYN & family planning services, 24 hour emergency and urgent care, hospital care, prescription drugs, lab tests, maternity & well baby care, eye exams & eyeglasses, health education, home health services, interpreter services and specialty care. Alliance Medi-Cal members can also receive transportation to their health care providers for special circumstances.

Alliance Healthy Families programs offer a choice of doctors, preventive health care, x-ray and lab services, prescriptions, hospital & emergency care, prenatal care, family planning and mental health services.

Alliance Healthy Kids was established in 2005 to provide medical, vision and dental care to the children of Alameda County. Healthy Kids is financed by grants from local private foundations and the county, it is not a government program. To qualify for this program, the child must be an Alameda County resident under 19 years of age, ineligible for Medi-Cal or Health Families programs, and a family income of up to 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. For a family of four, this would be up to $58,050 annual income.

Alameda Alliance Group Care eligibility is determined by Public Authority for IHSS. Individuals who have worked as home care workers for the last two months and have been authorized to work a total of at least 70 hours during those months, and are still authorized to work at least 35 hours per month, can qualify for Alliance Group Care.

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